• jacklyn janeksela, MFA

    writer//creative//language sculptor//poet//field analysist//spirit writer//healer//herbal alchemist//conjurer//necromancer//energy.

  • i am so much more//so are you.

    an energy of multiple faces//bodies//dimensions//sounds//voices.
    a writer.
    a witch.


    “Work appears when the worker is ready.”

    ― Andre Luiz , Chico Xavier – Book: “The Astral City”


    i am ready.

  • these are only clips of me.

    get @ me.


    Freelance Writer & Copy Writer 

    2008 – Present

    I work with a variety of clients to address writing needs; print and online publications.

    SEO work + ghostwriting (business start-ups, fashion, cosmetic surgery, wellness, and digital affairs).
    From non-fiction to business writing and articles to research pieces; I am able to handle a wide-range of subjects and writing formats.
    Some companies with whom I have worked for include the following:

    Culture Designers (art, POC, protest art, the other, music, gender)
    Culture Designers::Feature (sex work)
    Femme Feminism (body image)

    Hermetic Hare (herbal astrology)
    The Talko (relationships, shock talk, sex, body, health, astrology, numerology)

    Playboy (sex, sex work, relationships)

    Luna Luna (witchiness + astrology)

    She Knows (the body + magic)

    Self (body image)

    Remedies for Me (herbs, health, natural cures)
    Cafe Quill (lifestyle and work culture)

    ArtBeat (art)

    MOH (experimental photography, outsider art)
    My Little Vixen (sex, astrology, relationships)
    Not Jess Fashion (ghostwrite fashion)

    Strategic Edge (ghostwrite cosmetic/plastic surgery)

    Love2Know (heath & beauty)
    CCS (emergency management)

    Thrillist (sex)
    Spirit Guides (metaphysical, travel, states of consciousness)
    Honey Colony (health, mental health)

    VidaWeb (women in literature, QTWOC, Spot On!)

    The City Paper Bogota (travel, transport, public transport)
    Arriviedo (travel, budget travel, guides; focus Bogota, Prague, Paris, & Lyon)
    Waging Nonviolence (resistance, protest, grassroots, POC, First Tribes)

    Segunda Mano (lifestyle, travel, food; in Spanish)
    Quesbook (academics)
    Witty Bitches (feminism, self-care, relationships)
    e-Techonologies (technical writing)
    The Things (miscellaneous)
    Joorney (business plan writing, start-ups, visa support)
    Scandalous (feminism, sex, the evolving archetype)
    Search Influence (commercial writing, blogging)
    HawtShop (beauty, fashion, style)

    TOEFL + STAAR test prep writing (question and reading paragraphs)


    Teacher//Guide//Healer + Observer of Life

    Birth – Present

    Things I know about:

    · Herbs, astrology; that witchy life

    · Sex work; what's the big deal

    · Budeting the f*$% outta life (think minimalist living meets low income meets thrift shop means dumpster diving meets saving for dreams)

    · Meditation & yoga (cure the body, today!)

    · Dating abroad; sex tourism & marrying for visas

    · Dating someone in jail; statistics + reality

    · Better ways to die

    · Cleansing the body//cleansing the mind

    · Creative entrepreneurs & start-ups

    · Santeria; Cuban-ties

    · The connection between food & masturbation

    · Stripping; why some make it out alive & others get stuck; the best thong for the job; which shoe rakes in the most dough; why there’s no champagne in the champagne room

    · Colombia: the real deal; stuff I know first-hand (from Drogatá, college professors and artists living on the streets [basuco], scams, ayahausca remedies & cures, Datura, sex with donkeys, the male gaze, plastic surgery, Picos, Champeta, hidden black communities, Juernes (a mix between Thursday & Friday), brothels, Mockus & Peñalosa ( mayors who changed the face of Bogotá forever), being married to a Colombian & all that comes with it (stereotypes, visa issues, language, & cultural head-butting)

    · Retail therapy & other capitalist gags :: Women, the Victims

    · Living abroad (from Barranquilla and Bogotá to Buenos Aires and Prague to Paris) & what that does to patriotism & self-identity (even body image, like for real, for real)

    · Plants, Planets, & People; What does Pluto really mean for Humankind?//all planet talk

    · Teaching & why it’s a joke, a myth, & a dream

    · Making lists = adulting; why the art of lists is fading, but the listicle is raging

    · Running away from relationships, cheating, & almost marrying a Cuban on the island of Cuba

    · female filet & other art space like it; why these spaces need to exist for “women” to feel safe


    Things I’d like to write about, i.e. investigate & write for you; the short list:

    · Americans & Mental Illness: What would Nietzsche have to say

    · Sex work in Paris; Trans-life in Paris; France all up in Africa

    · Why no one responded to my #BlackLivesMatter call in Paris on a page for ex-pats; The Trump Years as seen from France

    · The Comeback Kid: Bartering & Fair Exchange

    · Syrian Refugees in Paris; the subway beggars; the street sleepers


  • let's vibe.

    who are we? let's get to know each other.

    Hermetic Hare

    Female Filet

    Female Filet Part Deux

  • skills

    the universe has blessed me.


    fluent in Spanish, manages French, childlike Portuguese, baby Czech.


    from teacher to herbal astrology consultant to sex writer.


    from travel to documents to manifestations.


    changing all the time; never stay the same.

  • poetics//source

    where my words float inside this universe.

    interview @ Civil Coping Mechanisms.

    ::artistic bio::

    jacklyn janeksela is a wolf and a raven, a cluster of stars, & a direct descent of the divine feminine. she can be found @ Barrelhouse, Thought Catalog, LunaLuna Magazine, Talking Book Three Point Press, DumDum Magazine, Visceral Brooklyn, Anti-Heroin Chic (2nd pub here), Public Pool, Reality Hands, Velvet-Tail, Requited Journal, The Feminist Wire, Word For/Word, Literary Orphans, Pank, Split Lip, Landfill, Yes Poetry, feelings, Heavy Feather, The Opiate, Potluck, Vending Machine Press, Entropy, thosethatthis, Quail Bell, The Lune, Grimoire, Rogue Agent ; Civil Coping Mechanism anthology A Shadow Map & Outpost 19 Rooted anthology; & elsewhere. she is in a post-punk band called the velblouds. her baby @ femalefilet. her chapbook fitting a witch//hexing the stitch @ The Operating System, 2017. she is an energy. find her @ hermetic hare for herbal astrology readings.

  • published articles

    virgo sun//capricorn moon//virgo rising = worker & improver of things.

    SUCCESS::I Stopped Worrying, Then Happiness Showed Up

    well-being, happiness, success for women in the workplace & in business


    *hustle* Peek into a keyhole, search in a fragmented mirror, crack open a tinted door that could lead to a naked body –a collection of secrets & memories from Marlowe, a former stripper.

    Culture Designers::art talk

    Pieces about practices & people in the art world.


    There’s No Place Like the Strip Club for the Holidays

    SUCCESS::How Five Minutes Can Change Everything

    well-being, happiness, success for women in the workplace & in business


    My Schizophrenic Grandmother's Footprints Are Just My Size

    SUCCESS::5 Different Kinds of Success

    well-being, happiness, success for women in the workplace & in business


    Witch: A Lyrical Essay Of Historical Proportions  

    Agora Gallery::

    Rebel Art: Why We Love The Mischevious

    Success::The Dangers of Over-planning

    well-being, happiness, success for women in the workplace & in business

    SELF::How Growing Up Vintage Shopping Saved Me From Obsessing About My Size

    Thrift shopping and body positivity.

    The Talko::women's stuff

    Relationships, sex, astrology, health/beauty; random escape articles.

    SUCCESS::Why You Should Make Visualization a Daily Practice

    well-being, happiness, success for women in the workplace & in business

    Consumer Health Digest::

    Build Self-Esteem and See Where it Takes You

    The Vitamin Shoppe::

    Don’t Judge My Eating Choices And I Won’t Judge Yours


    What I Learned When I Spent Christmas And New Years Meditating


    I Could Have Done That

    Quill Blog::

    5 ways to improve your mental outlook at work

    Quill Blog::

    How to make resolutions that last all year long

    Quill Blog::

    How to add meditation to your daily routine

    Quill Blog:

    9 ways to boost workplace emergency preparedness

    My Little Vixen::

    Using Venus in Your Natal Chart to Make You a Better Lover


    Sex Hotels in South America are a Serious Business


    What it Feels Like to be a Cheater


    21-Day Challenge::

    Budget Your Way to Creative & Financial Freedom

    creative entrepreneurs, financial freedom, facing fears, personal budgeting, aligning dollars with dreams.

    The Talko::

    15 Signs You're a Feminist


    Dancing + nipple orgasm.

    Honey Colony::

    Unraveling Schizophrenia: Ways To Conquer Symptoms Naturally

    Honey Colony::

    Why Am I Gaining Weight? 10 Surprising Reasons


    She Knows::

    Sex Magic Tips From Someone Who Actually Practices It


    How Sexual Trauma Makes Me Think Twice About Having a Child

    Connect Consulting Services::

    emergency management, safety, planning, protecting, and preventing against disasters

    The Heavy Feather::

    15 Things Women Should Do When Bumping into a racist, bigot, &/or misogynist

    The Stoneslide Corrective::fuck your saftey pin, please

    Protest, protection; intersectionality, all-inclusive feminism.

    VIDA::Spotlight On!

    highlighting the work of small presses; intersectional, all-inclusive, non-cis, WOC, QTWOC literature & art

    Witty Bitches

    Self-care, relationships, female artists, body image.

    Vending Machine Press::

    The Politicks of My Body

    Joorney::business plans


    Business Plan Writing Service; Top 10 Business Plan Question Investors Ask; Ins and Outs of Writing a Loan Worthy Business Plan; 5 Tips to Get Fund for Your Startup; Top 7 Best Business Practices to Avoid L1 Visa Rejection; Top Immigration Industries USCIS Loves Working With; Don't Be Afraid, The Truth Behind the L1 Visa Extension Process


    Being married in another language.

    The City Paper Bogota::How to bus like a boss in Bogotá

    Public transportation, travel, city life.

    Lit Space::

    Writing as Protest: How to Be An Activist Female Writer

    Femme Feminism

    Body image; eating disorders; self-esteem.



    Luna Luna Magazine::

    Beauty Mantras

    Hawt Shop::

    fashion(ista), culture, trends, beauty, body.


    Age-Old Beauty Tricks That Still Work

    natural beauty, organic products, tips, self-confidence, classic.

    The Things

    Miscellaneous life.

  • contact me, humans & spirits.

    let's make moves//let's make magic.

  • formations//transformations = manifestations, aka ART.

    the work is always in progress.